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Super Bowl XLVI Open Thread


Time to move on. Today is the Super Bowl for 49 States and the majority of the world. It's when we get together with friends, eat things we shouldn't, drink more than we should and watch a football game that is honestly a little less exciting than the rest of the playoffs.

But hey we've got commercials, Madonna, Tom Brady and Eli Manning all on the agenda and a pregame show that starts a solid four and a half hours before kickoff. It's America, it's football, it's EXCESS to the MAX! I am in early preparations to make some el mezcal white cheese dip stuff and probably some little smokies. I've got my growler of IPA on deck and I'm all in. Good times.

So with that, we'll have an open thread in case you want to talk Super Bowl here on RCT. I'm assuming it will be pretty quiet here, but the open thread post serves more than one purpose at times.