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Kansas Secures The Outright Big 12 Regular Season Title


Kansas faced far more questions than answers heading into this season but with just one game remaining in the regular season the Jayhawks are outright Big 12 Champions in 2012.

The league title is heading back to Lawrence in a year where Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor have taken this Jayhawk team and made it their own. It comes in a year where one of our most bitter rivals wanted nothing more than to end our streak on their way out of town. That didn't happen.

Every one of these is fun and the streak itself is incredible given the current college basketball landscape. As a Kansas fan these never get old and every one acts as a reminder of how fortunate this fanbase and this program has been in recent years and throughout history.

Things don't always turn up roses, but there aren't too many programs that can claim this level of success and there are plenty of programs who would take one of these any day of the week and be pretty happy. Hats off to the team, hats off to Bill Self, hats of to Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor. Another year and another group of players makes their mark on the program.