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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.25.12

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Kansas Basketball

Plenty to play for: Big 12 title, revenge motivate KU in final battle with MU |
Man I hope this goes the way we want it to.

Border rivals prepare for their last shot -
It all ends today, or at least that’s what we are left to believe. A rivalry built on blood and stoked by time and tears will reach its conclusion — for the time being, anyway — today at Allen Fieldhouse.

Brownback not interested in keeping MU rivalry |
And the politicians are now involved.

KU values lessons from final three minutes of loss at Mizzou -
There’s been greater awareness of being poised in late-game situations, although the Jayhawks still have had problems. But a sense of not repeating the colossal mistakes of the Missouri game follows Kansas into every game.

Kansas-Missouri, Ohio State-Wisconsin and more weekend hoops picks - Seth Davis -
As impressive as Missouri's win over Kansas was on Feb. 4, the Tigers needed a closing 11-0 run and a couple of questionable charge calls to escape with a three-point win. That was the game where Jeff Withey was a no-show for Kansas. I think he'll show up for this one. - Seth Davis

Weekend Watch: Feb. 24-26 - ESPN
"After that first game, it was clear to me that both Kansas and Missouri are capable of reaching a Final Four, and fully capable of winning this thing with a good draw and some good fortune. Kansas is probably better suited for it, because of its inside strength and ability to get the ball inside and get to the free throw line." - Jay Bilas

'Beware of The Phog'
The loudest precedent, said KU video director Mike Lickert, was 118-something decibels against Texas in 2009 and nearabouts often. "We're close to OSHA standards," Lickert said, smiling.