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Kansas Football: Steven Johnson Combine Schedule

In recent years the NFL combine has become just another way to feed the football fever that has taken over the United States. Fans watch their favorite collegiate athletes, check in on players that might fit their NFL team needs and amazingly we do it all while watching guys run around cones for countless hours with a handful of talking heads breaking down each players potential.

Yes it's fun, but it also leaves a bit to be desired because you run across players like Chris Harris who don't get a combine invite, never receive mention during a broadcast and then work their way into a starting role. That however is the exception and not the rule. Getting that combine invite is a nice first step and Jayhawk linebacker Steven Johnson has made the trip to Indy for this weekend's workout.

Linebackers 2012 NFL Combine Schedule:

Friday February 24th: Arrival, check in, orientation and interviews.

Hard to see how a player like Johnson could do anything but impress in the interview portion. His drive, his story and what he has accomplished are an impressive testament to what he's willing to put on the line to succeed.

Saturday February 25th: Measurements, more interviews

Measurements is where he could get dinged. Johnson is undersized and an overachiever.

Sunday February 26th: Psychological testing, more interviews

Monday February 27th: Workouts (timing, stations, position drills)

Will Johnson test at the top of the group? Doubtful. But he will be as prepared physically as he can possibly be. He's never been short on work ethic and he will show a player who is going to compete as hard as possible at every drill.

It might not be the type of thing that wows scouts into a first, second or even third round pick but hopefully Johnson can turn some heads and earn an opportunity to compete for a job. As Chris Harris has shown, anything is possible and I think Johnson will lay it on the line wherever he goes. Johnson was a bright spot on a bad team, as a Jayhawk fan I really hope he gets that shot.