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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 2.17.12

Kansas Basketball

Who gets the call: Charting fouls in the Big 12 -
Hmmm...interesting. Despite popular opinion Kansas doesn't appear to be the benefactor of some large conspiracy by the officials to hand the games to Kansas. Both K-State and Missouri are ahead of us in differential at home and one the road. In fact Kansas has the lowest differential in the ENTIRE BIG 12 when on the road giving up 4.29 FT's to the opponent.

Self raves about Tyshawn Taylor’s big-time Big 12 play |
Yes, this.

KU's Self on Withey's breakout season -
Kansas coach Bill Self says that Jeff Withey's performance lately has taken the Jayhawks to a different level and could potentially change what the team could become. Watch the video and check out the Withey photo gallery.

Elijah Johnson still learning, growing with KU |
Defensively I think he's bringing a lot to the table. I just wish he could find his offense again.

Good 'n Plenty: Laid-back Withey's spark gives Jayhawks added bite - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and RPI Rankings
The Withey train keeps on rolling

College Hoops Team Similarity Scores: Ohio State, Kentucky, Syracuse & Kansas " Notes from the Sports Nerds
RCT submission from KSinDC...Thanks as always.

Self not sweating Taylor's FT stroke |
Wish I could say the same. I feel like it's been awhile since we've had a team that can really consistently hit FT's. Probably early Roy Williams years.

Kansas Football

Kansas football adds two area walk-ons |
A couple walk ons from the KC area. I like the idea of adding players like this to strengthen Kansas City as a KU town whenever possible.

Kansas Baseball

Focus on pitching: Jayhawks swap roles in advance of 2012 KU baseball opener |
Looks like baseball season is getting close.