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Friday Fun: Five Preseason Predictions That Were Way Off

The boss is away today, so we're going to have a pair of open thread type posts today to hopefully pass the time for you at work or school or whatever you may be occupied with on this Friday afternoon.

First up, five predictions that I totally whiffed on. I made quite a few this preseason, between the player predictions and my preseason Top 25 for the 50 in 50 series and the Big 12 preview I did for Rush The Court.

My five are after the jump, and feel free to rip me mercilessly in the comments:

1. LeBryan Nash as Big 12 impact newcomer

The Big 12 was awash with potential impact first year players, from Freshmen Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello to transfers Royce White and Chris Allen, but I went with Nash, who was the 6th rated prospect in the class of 2012 according to Rivals. Nash, who decided between Oklahoma State and Kansas, responded to me touting him by posting an eFG of 43.2% and an offensive rating of 90.4. But he has improved lately, posting a 48.1% eFG and 99.5 ORtg in Big 12 play, and was great in the Cowboys' upset over Missouri, so I shouldn't be too mad at him.

2. Proclaiming Kansas football a bowl team

I am putting this at 2 so I can try to sneak it in without too many people noticing. Granted it was after the big win over Northern Illinois and it was more joyful exuberance than anything, but those words never should have been produced by my fingers. In true me fashion though, I am holding onto hope of a bowl experience for Dayne Crist to cap off his college career.

3. Putting UCLA in my sleeper final four

Holy god I can't believe I did that I am so stupid. On the plus side they're up to 45 in KenPom, so who knows, but they also went just 7-5 in non conference play including an 11 point loss at home to Loyola Marymount.

4. Oklahoma State 4th in my prelim Big 12 power rankings

More on this in my five that were good, but my preseason prediction actually went pretty well this year. I didn't think Oklahoma would be as good as they were and I missed on Iowa State because I didn't think everyone would gel that well, but I'm pleasantly surprised otherwise. But oh boy did I miss on Oklahoma State. Part of that is how poorly LeBryan Nash has been, but Oklahoma State is 8th in the Big 12 in KenPom and are 259th in the country in eFG.

5. Thomas Robinson as a 2nd team All American

Maybe not the worst call ever but I just wanted to put this here to apologize to the big man. Robinson is #1 in the current kPOY standings, is probably the runaway POY leader thus far, and has met my, and most Kansas fans, wildest expectations.

There are a few more on my list (underrating how good Releford would be, overrating Johnson, etc.) but I think these are the 5 I am least proud of. Feel free to add yours in the comments. Or rip on me. Either one.