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Kansas Rolls Over Colorado 90-54

The Jayhawks cruised to a 21 point lead at halftime and it never got close as they dominated Colorado in their return to Allen Fieldhouse

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As was the case when Kansas struggled through some wins against the likes of San Jose State, Kansas fans (and the team) should not let themselves get too swept up in the thought that the most recent game is the team's true talent level. And yet, this 90-54 thrashing of Colorado is a lot closer to the Kansas team I expected than the one that has sleepily won games in the past month. The Jayhawks came out on fire offensively, posting 1.25 points per possession on the backs of a 61.3% effective field goal percentage, and they finally were able to shoot the ball well from deep, going 8-20.

Defensively Kansas was fantastic as usual, allowing just .75 points per possession, but they did allow the Buffaloes to shoot 44% from two. That is not a high percentage, but the low efficiency was due at least in part to some three point luck as Colorado went just 2-13 from beyond the arc. The only other deficiency to nitpick from yesterday was that Colorado went to the line quite a bit more than the average Kansas opponent, but given their talent level over the other KU opponents so far, plus the fact that getting to the line is quite a bit overrated in terms of how it correlates to winning, there is not a lot to take away from this game other than Kansas dominated and once again has the ceiling of a title contender, even if we might not get to see it as much this season as we usually do.

  • Ben McLemore continues to make waves, though while his raw totals were impressive, he did only have a 43.7% eFG. Still, someone has to take those shots, and with the lack of one on one players this year it is nice to have one guy who can create his own shot when he needs to, and those extra shots he is able to put up do have some value. He struggled a bit from the floor getting those 24 points, but he did go 10-11 from the line and pitched in everywhere else, grabbing 5 rebounds, dishing out two assists and adding two steals.
  • Travis Releford continues to be Mr. Efficient: he was 5-6 from two and had 6 assists without turning the ball over. He is this year's early favorite for "guy who is turning into one of my favorite players ever" because he can do everything and while he does have his weaknesses, he does as good of a job at hiding them, so to speak, in a game as anyone in the country.
  • This was definitely one of Kevin Young's best games as a Jayhawk, and maybe the best when you don't consider the opponent (because he was excellent in both Ohio State games last year) but nonetheless he had 16 points on just 9 attempts, grabbed 8 rebounds (5 offensive), had 2 assists, 2 steals, and took a pair of charges.
  • Elijah Johnson looked a lot better, so the rest definitely helped, but he still wasn't elevating like he did last year. Hopefully another week off before Belmont will help. He continues to shoot the ball well from deep though, going 3-6 in the game and now up to 38.4% on the season.
  • Looking at the boxscore I said the words "oh only 5 blocks for Withey?" and then marveled at how amazing it is that I am saying ONLY 5 blocks. Yes he had only 8 points and yes "only" 7 rebounds, but he continues to be the best defensive weapon in the country and right now it's not particularly close.
  • Tyler Self made a basket!