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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.4.12

Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.4.12


Kansas Football

KU football by the numbers |
Some of the digits behind Kansas’ fall into the abyss's Big 12 All-Conference Team -
James Sims with 1st team recognition from CBS Sports

Kansas Basketball

The KU Chalkboard: Inside Withey's defensive value -
Every Monday, The Star delves into Kansas basketball — and the week ahead. Here's the fourth installment of the new series.

Kansas Volleyball

Junior setter Erin McNorton an improbable quarterback for KU volleyball run |
"I went on one visit to Army," the Kansas University junior said. "And my mom made me. Other than that I was not trying to get recruited. I wasn’t doing anything, really."

Other Stuff

Opinion: Mark Mangino to UK makes sense |
Mangino fits every qualification and is ready to return to coaching now that his wife’s treatment for breast cancer has concluded, and she has encouraged him to get back to work.

Larry Brown's impact at SMU, the Mountain West's loss and more - college basketball - ESPN
"I watched Kansas beat Oregon State, and all I could think of was if the Jayhawks ever reach their ceiling, this is a team that could win the national title."