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A Jump Shooting Update

With (generally) a lack of creators on offense, the jump shooting has been more important this year than in years past for Kansas basketball.

Jamie Sabau

note: all data from hoop-math

We have already detailed how even though Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson are gone, this Kansas team is getting a ton of good looks at the basket because they are sharing the ball so much better than anyone expected them to.

However, because of the lack of a go to guy (McLemore excepted of course) Kansas's ability to make jump shots is really important not just because they don't have a guy at the end of the shot clock when McLemore is on the bench but also because if they can draw defenders out they can free up Withey inside. Here then is a look at how the guards and forwards are doing on jump shots:

Player 2pt Jumpers % 3 pt %
Ben McLemore 28% 40.8%
Andrew White 50% 36.8%
Elijah Johnson 50% 33.3%
Naadir Tharpe 39% 38.5%
Travis Releford 50% 36.7%

First, it is important to briefly point out that the two point jumper is a shot that we do not want to be taking often. It is the most inefficient shot in basketball, for obvious reasons (it is farther out than a layup obviously, but worth the same amount of points. If you're going to take a jumper just take a three).

Still, I was surprised to see how poorly McLemore is shooting on two point jumpers, but he is taking almost 80% of his shots either at the rim or from three, which is great to see (not as great as Releford, however, for whom two point jumpers only constitute 9% of his field goal attempts).

In just the past two weeks Kansas's three point shooting has risen by about 4% as a team, now putting them at 34.6% for the season. I'm not sure Tharpe's 38.5% is real (in fact I am positive it's not, but I'm not sure whether he is a 35% shooter or a 30% shooter) but on the flip side I think Elijah will raise his percentage a bit. I'm still torn as to whether the three will be a strength for this team, but I do know that it will be good enough to keep defenses honest and (hopefully) won't sink them in March.