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Twas The Night Before RCTmas

Our third installment of the classic Christmas poem. Happy Holidays from all of us at RCT.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the blog
not a creature was stirring, likely because of the Phog.
The stockings were hung all over with care
in hopes that a quarterback soon would be there.

The authors were all snuggled tightly in their beds
with dreams of pageviews dancing in their heads.
and Denver in his jammies and Warden in his cap
read a great post by me, and of course gave me some dap.

When into the fanposts there arose such a clatter
and Bensa ran to see what was the matter.
Off to the fanposts I did hop
and I was treated to a Grad photoshop.

Then in the blog someone uttered a peep
shouting the praises of Jake Heaps.
While K State and Missouri fans pretended not to be impressed, saying "who?"
They knew that Lawrence was the new site of Quarterback U

Out of the thread rose our leader once again
his name was Denver, aka Owen.
He gathered the commenters, and 'round they came.
He brought them all, calling them by name.

"On Rivet, on PDX, on bigreed, on hiphop"
"Get to the OGT with haste, and don't stop."
"On sax solo, on PenHawk" he remarked
"On Grad, wait..who the hell is Andrew Clark?"

As the monitor screens glowed blue
It was time for the commenters to do what they had to.
Out of their basements they crawled
the thought of which left them appalled.

Then over my head I heard a noise
and knew it was the boss to bring us our toys.
I went to the fire and put out the flame
and soon after down the chimney Denver came.

He was wearing a Jayhawk suit
Which unfortunately had accumulated some soot.
He had all of our gifts on his back
all jammed into a great big sack.

For Elijah he gave him a working knee
and "give him some rest" to HCBS he did plead.
He offered to get Releford more pub, more and more:
and for us, just one more year of McLemore.

He looked at Charlie Weis, saying alas,
for you I have a fantastic recruiting class.
He tossed a few more gifts our way,
But like everything else Withey swatted them away.

It was almost time, but before it was time to leave
He gave the football team their 2013 (or early '14?) bowl gifts on this Christmas Eve
Speaking of football, he had something ready made;
it was for all of us: a fresh batch of kool-aid.

It finally was time for him to depart
but he couldn't get his sleigh to start
So we all got out and pushed, and finally got it to go
and up into the sky it rose.

As it rose and rose he finally went out of sight

But not before we heard him shout "Merry Blogsmas to all, and to all a good night!"