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Kansas vs. Texas Tech: Previewing the Red Raider Offense

Taking a look at the Red Raider offense ahead of this weekend's matchup with Kansas in Lubbock


Another week, another potent offensive attack. That's life in the Big 12. The good news is that this week's opponent isn't quite the same talent level as Baylor. The bad news is that they've had more success this season than Baylor. That means the Red Raiders are probably a little more balanced and they aren't going to rely solely on offense to win the game, but they do have an offense that is very capable of moving the football and putting up points despite that. Kansas could field a competitive product as this is probably a better matchup for the Kansas defense, but it is a road game and that is a whole different mental challenge for these Jayhawks to overcome.

QB - Seth Doege

Doege feels like he's been around forever and that experience has really put him in a position to be a solid quarterback that is delivering for Tommy Tuberville on a fairly consistent basis. Doege is averaging over 300 yards passing per week and he has recorded 31 touchdowns to just 8 interception on the season. That's better than a three touchdown per week average and that is a dangerous proposition for Kansas who would struggle to keep up with anyone who is able to do that in their passing game alone.


X 18 Eric Ward
H 11 Jakeem Grant
Y 3 Tyson Williams
Y 86 Alex Torres
Z 14 Darrin Moore
TE 22 Jace Amaro

Doege and Tech spread the ball around with 10 receivers recording 10+ receptions and 100+ yards on the year. The six listed above are going to be your primary targets that you will hear more than anything with Ward and Moore leading the team. Ward has 10 touchdowns on the year and 600+ yards while Moore has 500+ yards and 8 touchdowns on the year. Amaro is a tricky matchup at tight end and Doege will use him while Tyson Williams and Alex Torres combine to make a pretty potent option at the Y spot.

F 34 Kenny Williams
F 24 Eric Stephens Jr.

Williams and Stephens are complimentary backs and both are smaller in stature. Williams is more of a power, low to the ground runner, where Stephens is that low, quick, shaking type of back. Williams leads the team with 500+ yards while Stephens is just over 300 on the season. Both have a 5+ yard per carry average and they have combined for 7 touchdowns. The reality is that these are decent players and the running game is serviceable, but Tech relies on the passing game and they are ranked 4th nationally. Running the football they fall much more in the lower tier of college football in terms of overall production.

LT 65 LaAdrian Waddle
LG 72 Beau Carpenter
C 66 Deveric Gallington
RG 62 Le'Raven Clark
RT 68 Terry McDaniel

This is a big group with a pretty wide variance of experience levels. The two tackles and the center really anchor things with some tremendous size and all three are seniors. They aren't overpowering in the run game, but they do well in pass protection so all in all they do a pretty good job at accomplishing what they set out to do. This won't be the most talented offensive line Kansas will play so their might be an opportunity for the front seven to make plays, but it is one of the biggest so they will have to go through some large men to do so.