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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week 10

Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week 10

Stephen Dunn

This weeks blogpoll ballot shakes a few things up at the top. Last week I had Kansas State at no. 2 and while Oregon's defense left something to be desired against USC, the teams as a whole looks so explosive that it's hard to keep them out of the no. 2 spot. It will be interesting to see how the BCS race heats up down the stretch if both these teams stay undefeated.

All in all the movement is pretty negligible this year. There are four undefeated teams at the top of college football and then we have a plethora of teams that are separated by a very thin line. Is it parity or mediocrity? How good are those four at the top for that matter? Personally I'd love to see a playoff this year. K-State v Oregon in one semi, with Bama and Notre Dame in the other. Heck play a 3rd place game because that would be equally compelling to me.