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Kansas Big 12 Woes Continue on the Road in Loss to Baylor.

The Jayhawks just can't get over the hump in the Big 12 or on the road. Saturday combined both of those challenges and Kansas fell short in Waco against Baylor.

Cooper Neill

Kansas is now battling a 18 game Big 12 losing streak and an equally abysmal road losing streak. The Jayhawks went on the road to face Baylor in Waco and while this team is still a better product than we've seen over the last two years, it is still very apparent that the journey is going to be a long one.

Baylor started out strong going up two touchdowns in the first five minutes of the game. A year ago that would have been the cue to turn the television off and head toward the door for some fall yard work. Fortunately this team does have a little bit of fight in them and Kansas was able to rally to a 20-14 halftime deficit.

After those first two touchdowns by Baylor the Kansas offense started to produce, the Kansas defense tightened up in the redzone and avoided the big play. Unfortunately Kansas was unable to capitalize on a pair of opportunities to make this one close or even lead at half.

After a lengthy halftime Kansas would fail to do much of anything with the ball in the 3rd quarter and Baylor would build a runaway lead going into the fourth. All week this has been a matchup that was pretty scary on paper. Yes other Big 12 teams put up some big numbers, but no one really spreads you out and does what Baylor does offensively. It's the Big 12 of a few years ago and that's a horrible matchup for Kansas. That eventually showed and Kansas was unable to keep pace with a potent Baylor attack.

With three games to go there are continued signs of progress for Kansas, but the deficiencies are also becoming extremely obvious an apparent. That is going to make getting a win, especially a road win very difficult. But if Charlie Weis, Dave Campo and the Kansas players can continue to chip away and battle every week then there should be something to build on during the offseason.