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Kansas vs. Washington State Open Game Thread: 11.19.12

Kansas vs. Washington State Open Game Thread: 11.19.12

Kansas heads to the home away from home at the Sprint Center in Kansas City for the CBE Classic. Two games set in Kansas City as part of this one and things tipoff against Washington State tonight. Wash State is a Pac 12 school in a league that is looking for statement wins in the non conference after a pretty horrific year last season. Kansas is looking to get on track and find some sort of rhythm outside of Ben McLemore. The Jayhawks dropped to no. 11/no. 12 in the polls today after a loss last week and there are a lot of questions surrounding their chances of repeating in the Big 12 and making a run in the tournament. It's early, but there is concern in Lawrence.

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Beak 'em Hawks!