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Is Conference Realignment Heating Back Up?

Maryland appears to be headed to the Big 10 with Rutgers soon to follow. Is another round of conference realignment about to heat up?

Steve Dykes

It appears imminent that Maryland is going to announce a move from the ACC to the Big 10 setting the table for another round of potential realignment. ESPN is reporting that Maryland has accepted the invite and that Rutgers will soon follow suit and leave the Big East.

The board unanimously approved the move to the Big Ten, a regent told ESPN. An afternoon announcement is expected.

The move comes just a few short days after the initial rumors started regarding Maryland. It represents a pretty swift move, at least in the public's eye, as this time we haven't had to deal with constant speculation and back and forth reporting prior to the move.

The addition of Maryland and possibly Rutgers expands the Big 10 into the East coast market and moves the league to a 14 team conference, the second conference to do so with the SEC being the other.

Now the question turns to how this affects other leagues, like the Big 12. Last year there was speculation surrounding Florida State. This would seem to set precedent for Florida State if they still have interest in departing from the ACC. At the same time the Big 12 has openly stated that they are happy with ten teams. Is that still the case?

Just when you think things have settled down, they always seem to heat back up. Is this latest impending move just an isolated change, or are we going to be looking at another round of posturing and conversation regarding the ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, SEC and Big 10.