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Kansas vs. Iowa State Open Game Thread: 11.17.12

Kansas vs. Iowa State Open Game Thread: 11.17.12


It's senior day for the Jayhawks and if this team is going to turn a corner and nail down a Big 12 win, this game would appear to be the one to get. One week ago this team narrowly lost in double overtime to a top 25 Texas Tech team on the road. That was the third near miss in league play this year. This week Iowa State comes to town looking for a bowl bid, but Kansas feels like they are so close and this might be the game to get them over the hump.

Hat tip to all the Kansas seniors. Some have been here through three coaches, others have come to try to help turn the fortunes for Kansas. While things probably haven't always gone the way they'd like, they certainly seem to have Kansas on the right trajectory as they leave the program and that is commendable considering where this team was one year ago.

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Beak 'em Hawks!