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Champions Classic: Kansas vs. Michigan State Open Game Thread

Champions Classic: Kansas vs. Michigan State Open Game Thread

Jamie Squire

November is a funny time of year for basketball. College football is really at it's peak, the preseason games often matchup a really good team with a really bad team, and in general their isn't always that much excitement. Tonight is different. Tonight Kansas plays in the second consecutive Champions Classic, this time against Michigan State.

When these two teams tipoff tonight you'll have a pair of coaches that teach a tough, hard nosed, defensive style of basketball. That style is even more prevalent at the moment because both teams are trying to find their offensive chops. This is one of those high profile November matchups that tips off the season and gets the juices flowing when it comes to college basketball. Kansas is part of that and as a fan that's a great thing.

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Beak 'em Hawks!