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Joel Embiid Picks Kansas

Joel Embiid Picks Kansas

Jamie Squire

Rivals four star recruit Joel Embiid has picked Kansas over Texas and Florida. Embiid, who attends the Rock School in Gainesville, Florida, is a big time get for Bill Self in the Jayhawks. With names like Brannen Greene and Conner Frankamp in the fold for next year, Kansas has been set with guards for some time. but Embiid gives them a defensive rock in the middle.

Embiid is a native of Cameroon, and amazingly has only been playing basketball for a little over a year. Embiid's offensive game is not quite there yet, as you can imagine, but his defensive skills certainly are and his potential is through the roof. He weighs only about 200 pounds despite being a 7 footer, but once Andrea Hudy gets hold of him I expect him to pack on some muscle.

For KU fans worried about whether the school can develop big men like they used to with no Danny Manning around, Embiid provides an excellent test case. One thing is for sure though, if he develops anything like he has in the past year then Kansas could have a monster on its hands.

With Embiid added to Greene, Frankamp, Mason and Selden, the 2013 class jumps into the discussion for Self's ever, and by the time they are all done at the school, I think (bold prediction time!) it will be at worst his second best class.

Here's some video of the newest Jayhawk, and note that he already has a (surprisingly decent looking) left handed hook shot: