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Kevin Young To Play vs. Michigan State Tomorrow

After missing the exhibition games and the season opener on Friday, Kevin Young will be in the Kansas lineup tomorrow night

Ronald Martinez

When Kansas takes the floor against Michigan State tomorrow night, their second most experienced big man will finally be joining them. After missing both exhibition games and the season opener against SE Missouri State, Kevin Young will be on the floor in Atlanta for the first game of the Champions Classic.

Kansas struggled big time on offense against SE Missouri State, putting up just 74 points in 73 possessions. Young's energy on offense will hopefully lead to some easy baskets off back cuts and those types of things, but also he will be able to combat Michigan State's defensive rebounding prowess.

Young isn't a jump shooter, so he won't be able to do much about Kansas shooting 9.5% from three, and he turned it over too much last year for a guy who never handled the ball, but with Kansas sleepwalking through their exhibition wins some energy from Young should be just what the team needs. His defensive deficiencies can be covered up by the fact that Kansas is among the best defensive teams in the country, and he has the ability to have a big game offensively, something Kansas sorely needs right now.

Either way it is nice to get our third best big man back in the lineup for one of the two biggest games of the nonconference season.