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Kansas vs. Texas Tech: Drive Chart Rewind

Recapping the Jayhawks overtime loss to Texas Tech in Lubbock


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

After a somewhat ominous start this one turned into what was probably the most complete game for the Kansas Jayhawks in Big 12 play this year. The offense was able to impose their will in the running game and they were finishing drives in much more convincing fashion than previous weeks. Yes the passing attack is still a major issue and it will need to be overcome before Kansas can truly get over the hump, but the Jayhawks didn't need it on Saturday as James Sims and Tony Pierson were running wild.

Defensively the effort is impressive. The statistical recap wouldn't do justice to what Dave Campo has done with this group, they are a bend but don't break unit and in the second half they held Tech to just two field goals. That's a win for this group without question.

Kansas still sits 1-9 and they haven't quite pushed the improvement to the point of winning, but Charlie Weis has them close. The difference between this team now and the team that gave away the game against Rice and Northern Illinois is night and day. Now they have two opportunities to get it done and next week's senior night is probably the best chance to do so.

In fact, for the first time in a long time, I'm just a little bit confident that it will be the night we see this team get back in the win column in Big 12 play. This team had this game so close and I think it stung. The staff and the players are fighting together and everything I'm reading from Weis and the players makes me feel like we're going to see another determined effort and this time we're at home in what will be several players last time in Memorial Stadium. It's been 2 years since we've won a Big 12 game and maybe this is overly confident but I think next week Kansas gets in the win column.