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Kansas vs. Texas Tech Open Game Thread: 11.10.12

Kansas vs. Texas Tech Open Game Thread: 11.10.12


Just three games remain in the 2012 college football season and that means just three more chances for this Kansas Jayhawk team to break the current Big 12 losing streak. The challenging part of that is that two of those three games come on the road and two of those three games come against teams that have been in or near the top 25 all season. This week it's Texas Tech and a Red Raider team that has improved their defense to properly support their offensive firepower. Kansas will look to continue the improvement they've shown over the year and hopefully compete for a longer stretch than they did against Baylor. The Red Raiders probably aren't as difficult of a match up offensively, but what they do on defense will force the Kansas offense to step up. We'll see how it goes.

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Beak 'em Hawks!