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Kansas vs. Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Kansas vs. Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Jamie Squire - Getty Images


October 6h, 2012
Who: Kansas Jayhawks vs Kansas State Wildcats
Where: Manhattan Kansas, Bill Snyder Family Stadium
Online: FirstRow

Welcome to the Rock Chalk Talk and your open thread for Kansas vs. Kansas State, the Sunflower Showdown. One hour until game time. This rivalry needs to take on a new meaning for Kansas and the Jayhawk fanbase. Missouri is gone, Kansas State has been very successful on the gridiron for the last 20 years and Charlie Weis has put the target on the Wildcat program. Unfortunately this probably isn't the year where this thing turns, but we have to start somewhere so let's see how we stack up.

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The table is set. Catch up on any last minute info from RCT and enjoy!

Beak 'em Hawks!