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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 1.0

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Our podcasting debut starts off with a, well, whimper. But that's ok.

For awhile I've wanted to start a podcast here at RCT, despite having nowhere near the required technical knowledge necessary to record and host one. Against all odds, Grad and I managed to record 20 or so minutes of a podcast last night. It was a bit of a spur of the moment deal so there is no intro music, a couple of rough transitions, and no sign off, but hopefully it will be entertaining and the start of something big nonetheless.

In the podcast you will hear:

  • Rivalry discussion: am I not as excited about this game because we are terrible, or is it because I haven't embraced the K State rivalry?
  • Incentive (and possibility) for a K State beatdown
  • Colin Klein is awesome and terrifying (and can even throw a little bit!)
  • Some (brief) basketball talk
  • A horrible signoff

No itunes link yet, but we will hopefully get that remedied.

(note: it might take a bit to load. Sorry)

[Click here to listen]