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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week Nine

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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week Nine

Jamie Squire

Apologies for missing last week and sorry that I didn't allow for feedback ahead of this week. I'm giving my one-two to Alabama and Kansas State because those are the two teams that deserve it in my mind right now. Those two are followed closely by Oregon with Notre Dame in there as the national feel good story, although I'd argue that Bill Snyder and Kansas State has the potential to be just as big of a feel good story to a certain contingent of people.

The SEC really is beating eachother up this year but they still get several teams in the top 10 with the Pac 12 also doing some internal damage which Oregon can't be happy about. League play has jumbled everything up this year and that shouldn't slow down with four more weeks to go.

My Big 12 homer pick of the week is not only a homerish pick for the league, but also for my own team. Texas staying in the top 25 because almost losing to Kansas doesn't warrant a complete drop from the rankings.....right?