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Baylor Opens A 17 Point Favorite Over Kansas at Home

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The Baylor Bears are a heavy favorite over the last place Kansas Jayhawks this Saturday in Waco.

Cooper Neill

The streak continues. Kansas will once again kickoff on Saturday as a more than two touchdown underdog on the road in Waco Texas against Baylor. Honestly this is a game that presents some very difficult matchups for Kansas on the defensive side of the ball. Baylor has a mobile quarterback, they spread the ball around and they really can get out in space and make plays.

The Kansas defense has been a pretty good story of improvement throughout the year and Dave Campo has drawn up a scheme that has managed to keep Kansas competitive in six of eight games to date. Can the Kansas defense do the same against Baylor? While Baylor is on the same level as many of the teams Kansas has been competitive with, they do present a different set of challenges so it will be an interesting stroyline to watch.

On the offensive side of the ball Kansas has relied heavily on the run and Baylor is near the bottom of all of college football defensively. This is likely going to be a game where Kansas is going to need to put up some points to stay in it. The Kansas defense can only do so much and the Baylor defense is going to leave the door open but Kansas MUST convert in the red zone and put some points on the board to keep this a competitive contest. Shorten the game, capitalize on the opportunities on defense and try to limit the explosiveness of the Baylor attack.

Winning in Waco won't be easy and obviously no one is counting on Kansas stringing together the upset, but it will be interesting to see if Kansas can head into another game as a major underdog and bring a bit of a fight to an opponent that has been pegged as a heavy favorite.