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Kansas vs. Texas: Drive Chart Rewind

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Looking back at the Jayhawks near upset of the Texas Longhorns in Lawrence on Saturday.


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

So many opportunities. A missed int, a stalled drive, the complete lack of a kicking game or a passing attack. This one was definitely frustrating but Kansas did compete while overcoming some pretty serious areas of ineptitude.

The drive chart is frustrating as we played most of the game on our side of the field minus our three scoring drives. The beginning of this one looked like it was going to get out of hand in a hurry but the defense stepped up and bailed out the offense on multiple occasions by forcing turnovers or making a 4th down stop.

What if Kansas has a kicking game? Are we up 17-7 at half and does that make a difference? Do we flip the field somewhere in the first half and put our team in a position to score with a short field on one of the Longhorn mistakes? As I understand it Ron Doherty is playing with a bit of an injury this year so I can understand why we might not be seeing a tremendous kicking game but it is a very frustrating missing piece to the puzzle.

The same could be said for the passing attack. Granted James Sims was doing a fine job of shouldering the load and the drive chart shows that we were obviously able to shorten the game. But you have to wonder what a more confident Michael Cummings could have done in the passing game. It's clear that the playbook is limited and the confidence isn't their from the coaching side or the player side so we're going to rely on the run. Kansas has proven that they can compete fairly consistently with a certain type of team but if they are going to get over that hump and win a Big 12 game in 2012, it seems as though somewhere along the way we're going to have to be able to convert 3rd and long with some level of consistency in the passing game.

All in all it was a fun game to watch with a terribly disappointing ending. Texas didn't deserve the win and Kansas is just missing a few too many pieces. This feels very much like 2004 under Mangino. Kansas was painfully close on more than one occasion and obviously that paved the way to further improvement in the years to come. So, I guess now we keep sawing wood?