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Kansas vs. Texas: Postgame Press Conference

Charlie Weis and various Kansas players met with the media following Saturday's heartbreaking loss to Texas in Lawrence.


Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis
On what he said to the team after the game:
"I basically told them I feel really bad for all of them today. Every week is a different circumstance. Last week we should've been more embarrassed; this week I feel that there's nothing to be embarrassed about. We played our butts off on both sides of the ball. Physically we really not only hung in there, but more than held our own, and to lose with 12 seconds to go in a game is really disappointing for everyone and I just feel bad for them."

On the play of his defense:
"It's the same thing I said to [Dave] Campo, I told him, `Don't feel bad about that last drive.' We all feel bad about it, but it was their play that kept us in the game."

On the effectiveness of the rushing game:
"We had a bunch of different packages, going into this game we had more passes in the game plan than that, but they saw an inexperienced quarterback and we figured they were going to have a lot of exotics on defense. It was exotics on defense that led us to open up our offense. Fortunately they had enough packages set up offensively to create some deception and give us some plays."

On how his team will bounce back after the loss:
"Not to be redundant and give you coach-speak but every week is a different set of circumstances. I think that [the team] is really down right now, as well they should be. Hopefully I'll come in tomorrow morning, get through this and then bring them in here and go over the game and get out there and practice. Hopefully we can put it behind us and start getting ready for next week."

Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Michael Cummings
On KU's Last Drive:
"We definitely came out with the mentality to answer. They scored so then we had to come back with a score. We were obviously going for the touchdown, but we had to settle for the field goal."

On the play to TE Jimmay Mundine:
"It was a play we put in during halftime. The goal was to attack the cover they were showing us. As the play progressed, Jimmay was open."

On the game:
"We come out as competitors every week. We came up short today and just didn't get the win."

Junior Running Back James Sims
On team's progress:
"The feeling on that is good in the locker room. After this game of course we are down, but we see the progress as a program. That's all that really matters at this time. We have to take it week by week, practice by practice and just continue to work as hard as we can."

On his big run:
"They are fast and we knew that from the beginning. I just try to take what I can, so I took what they gave me."

On his progress:
"I feel more confident now than I ever have. I've been trusting my offensive line and they have been doing great at doing their job. I have to give those guys credit. We are an offensive unit."

Junior Wide Receiver Christian Matthews
On his play in the game:
"You always get excited when your name is called. So I was thrilled when I got a chance to run it in the game."

On responding to the loss:
"We respond to this one the same we have responded to every other loss. A loss is a loss no matter what. It hurts but we played a pretty good game. We have to just keep working hard."

Kansas senior safety Bradley McDougald
On the mindset during Texas' final drive:
"We definitely had our fair share of drives and goal line stands and our backs against the wall, so that was nothing new to us. I don't want to say guys were hanging their heads and thinking about a loss. If anything, what was going through our minds was overtime. Because we knew we were going to stop them, and we knew we were going to hold them to at least a field goal to keep the game alive. Unfortunately they made one more play than we did."

On the coverage of the last drive:
"We were playing a cover four. The receiver out there, number one, he ran a double move and we bit on the double move. It just hurts because of the time and the situation. There were plenty of other plays that lead up to that so we can't point any fingers at anybody and I am not trying to at all. In football, it was a critical situation and bullets were flying, and things happen."

On the slow start of the game:
"On the first drive (Texas) opened up with a bunch of stuff that we had not worked on all week. We just needed a drive to sit down and come together as a defensive and draw some things on the whiteboard to come out and start executing."

Kansas junior linebacker Huldon Tharp
On the overall defensive unit performance:
"I'm pretty proud of the guys. We hung in there and played exceptional for the majority of the game. Unfortunately they made a few more plays than we did in the end, but as a whole we had a good game."

On the mindset during the final Texas drive:
"It was on our back. It was up to us to win the game. That's exactly what we talked about. Before we went out, we looked each other in the eyes and told each other `we got to get this' but it just didn't happen."

On getting over the hump to get a win:
"It's hard to tell right now. Honestly after today I think we are extremely close. I think if we continue to play with that kind of effort, aggressiveness, and passion that we did today we will have plenty of opportunities to win more games. Our offense was clicking really well, and they ran the ball well throughout the game. We are getting there."

Kansas sophomore linebacker Ben Heeny
On the overall defensive unit performance:
"We played good. Just those busts, and those big plays is what killed us. Other than that play by 84 (Marquise Goodwin) with the jet sweep and the long pass on the final drive, we played good. But the big plays are what hurts us."

On the defensive mindset on Texas' final drive:
"We just had to stop them. That's basically all it was. We knew we had the lead and we had them on fourth-and-six. We were in zone coverage, and the wide receiver got it. Just another busted play and just turned out how we didn't want it to."

On the defensive preparation for next game:
"Our coaches are going to give us the best game plan to win. They make the right calls. If we keep doing what they tell us to do, keep grinding, keep working hard and keep getting the extra work in we will see a win."