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Michael Cummings To Start At Quarterback Vs. Texas

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Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

In breaking news that doesn't really matter unless you are concerned with which brand of lipstick your pig wears, Charlie Weis announced that RS Frosh Michael Cummings will start at quarterback this weekend against Texas.

Cummings moved the ball well against Oklahoma State last weekend, but on Saturday he was just 10-21 with 111 yards passing and threw two interceptions. He ran the ball well (even though announcers remarked that Weis had told them that Cummings didn't strike him as much of a runner, prompting me to wonder exactly which sport he is coaching, because it sure as hell doesn't seem like it is football).

Fortunately for Kansas, Texas's defense ranks 50th in Football Outsiders' FEI rankings, while Oklahoma is ranked 6th, so perhaps they can move the ball for two possessions before the opposing defense figures them out and then Weis decides to go back to Dayne Crist for some reason because I know we all need more missed open receivers in our lives.

Kansas plays Texas on Saturday at who cares what time because we are terrible and I quit.