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Big 12 Media Days: Elijah Johnson

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Big 12 Media Days: Elijah Johnson

Jamie Squire

Kansas Jayhawk senior guard Elijah Johnson was one of four seniors to represent the Jayhawks at Big 12 media day on Wednesday and sat down with Elijah for five minutes to discuss last season, the Big 12 title streak and the 2012-2013 season.

I've always thought that Elijah's perspective is very unique. He seems very relaxed, very calm and I think that influence could be a huge help if Kansas is going to make a run this year. That said, it almost represents the personality of all four seniors. Withey has been soft spoken, Releford is an under the radar defensive type player and Kevin Young is always smiling, someone will need to step up and provide some of the 'swagger' type leadership that has now departed with Robinson and Tyshawn's exit.

I love his answer at the end when he's asked about taking it to the basket. He seems to genuinely shocked yet completely calm. Should be a fun year to watch EJ as one of the spokesman for this team.