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Kansas vs. Oklahoma: Previewing The Sooner Offense

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Taking a look at the offensive side of the ball for the Oklahoma Sooners ahead of Saturday's matchup with the Kansas Jayhawks in Norman.

Tom Pennington

A few years ago Oklahoma was at the top of college football when it came to offensive production. Sam Bradford then transitioned to Landry Jones and it looked like things would continue as usual. For whatever reason it feels like it hasn't. Even though this Oklahoma offense is still a top 15 offense on a national level, they just don't feel like the juggernaut they once were. Unfortunately the reality is that they still can be. Maybe it's expectations, but this is a very good Oklahoma offense and they showed that last week when they absolutely shredded the Texas Longhorns in a big time rivalry game. Kansas is coming off of a very strong defensive performance against Oklahoma State, now they'll immediately face a test that is just as difficult and perhaps even more unique when Landry Jones, Oklahoma and the Belldozer take to the field on Saturday.

QB - Landry Jones - 6'4" 218 - Sr

Blake Bell - 6'6" 254 - So

Landry Jones is the captain of the ship, Blake Bell is the guys stealing all the treasure. Jones is in a situation where he did so well early in his career that his really solid numbers three years later feel average. But Jones is a great quarterback for Oklahoma averaging 270 yards per game a 62% completion percentage and passing for 9 TD's to date. The Sooner offense has just morphed a bit during that time and that has opened the door for THE BELLDOZER! One of the better nicknames in the Big 12, Blake Bell is a goalline machine with seven rushing TD's. Sooner fans love him, he'll be the quarterback for Oklahoma next year and a great future NFL tight end. That might be a bit harsh, but at this point we haven't seen much of Bell throwing the football, all we know is that he does one of the best Tim Tebow impressions in the business.

RB - Damian Williams - 6' 208 - Jr

Dominique Whaley - 5'11" 204 - Sr

The Sooner running attack averages 6 yards per carry and they are led by Williams who averages nearly 85 per contest at 7.3 per rush. Whaley has starting experience from a year ago before being injured and he is the second leading rusher on the team with 240+ yards on the season. As a unit they average 173 per game on the ground which is middle of the pack in division one football. This isn't the Oklahoma bread and butter, but it is certainly something that they have the talent to do when they want to.

FB - Trey Millard - 6'2" 256 - Jr

I'm always fond of players who choose to leave Columbia Missouri when they get the chance. Millard has started since his freshman year and he really is a multi faceted player at the position. He can play it like a traditional fullback and lay a solid block or he can get out and make a play with the football in his hands.


Lane Johnson






Adam Shead






Gabe Ikard






Bronson Irwin






Daryl Williams





The Oklahoma offensive line has been banged up this year and it was a big question mark after some initially devastating injuries. After settling in this group has been more than servicable in pass protection and in the ground game. The big questions start to rise when they are playing a top tier opponent, Notre Dame's defense comes to mind, and that might be where the full ramifications of the injury bug reveal themselves. For Kansas and this weeks game, it's still a tough matchup. The good news is it's probably a slightly more favorable one than a full strength OU line, but that doesn't mean that the Kansas front seven won't have it's work cut out for them if they want to continue to show the positive improvement we've seen this season.

WR - Trey Metoyer - 6'1" 190 - FR

WR - Justin Brown - 6'3" 214 - Jr

WR - Kenny Stills - 6'1" 190 - Jr

WR - Sterling Shepherd - 5'10" 188 - FR

Metoyer is the much heralded freshman and he's started every game, but he sits behind the other three including fellow freshman Shepherd, when it comes to total production. Stills, Brown and Shepherd account for 2/3's of the scoring in the Sooner passing game and nearly 60% of the yardage. Landry Jones does spread it around very well so there will inevitably be other names that pop up on Saturday, but these four do the bulk of the work with Brown, Stills and Shepherd leading the charge.

TE - Taylor McNamara - 6'5" 235 - FR

Brannon Green - 6'2" 250 - JR

Geneo Grissom - 6'4" 247 - SO

The tight end position is really more about run support and less about the passing game for Oklahoma at this point. Green is the only one that has recorded a reception and he has only three on the season. Grissom and Green have played a limited role, the depressing part is that both are from Kansas.