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Kansas vs. Oklahoma State: Mike Gundy Complimentary Of Kansas Improvment

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Mike Gundy had some positive comments regarding the Jayhawks following Saturday's escape in Lawrence.

Usually an opposing coach's comments aren't all that beneficial because over the last two seasons Kansas has been getting dismantled and any comments have to be taken with a grain of salt. Yesterday Mike Gundy was complimentary of Kansas and some of his comments were telling as far as the progress at Kansas.

On Saturday's game...

"Good to get out of here with a win. I thought Kansas had a nice plan. The delay actually worked to our advantage. They do a nice job of finding a way to run the football. During the delay we were able to make some adjustments. For the most part, the defense played really well. The offense played just OK. We had a number of chances to put the game out of reach, and we did not take advantage of it."

I think his assessment is pretty fair. Yes Kansas played well, but Oklahoma State also did some things to help Kansas. His comments regarding the delay piques my interest and makes me curious as to how things play out without the Midwestern tsunami that swept through Saturday? Also does Kansas limit the Cowboy offense if the weather isn't making things so sloppy? It had to play a factor in multiple ways, just raises a few what if type questoins.

On KU's run defense...

"KU was more physical up front in the run game than we were. It looked like over the last four years there have been certain games that we have played where we just looked bad. Today we just looked bad. We got our shoulders turned. We didn't get off on linebackers. Up front, they won the battle."

When was the last time Kansas won the battle up front? The defensive line deserves some huge kudos for this. It allowed a player like Jake Love to step up and make plays. We've been asking for defensive line improvement for four years now, maybe we're seeing the beginning of that. At the very least it's just nice to hear a Big 12, BCS caliber coach talk about OUR team winning this battle and then actually be able to believe him.