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Kansas vs. Oklahoma St.: Five Questions with Pistols Firing

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With Kansas taking on Oklahoma State on Saturday the kind folks over at the great OSU blog Pistols Firing exchanged some questions regarding this weekend's bloodbath game. You can see my answers to their questions at Pistols Firing(though to be fair I can't find them because I am awful at the Internet)

Update: no wonder I couldn't find them; they were posted last night

1. You guys are near the bottom in terms of takeaways, how much of a concern is that heading into the last few weeks of the year?

I don't know whether to be concerned (we aren't who we used to be!) or encouraged (there has to be a regression to the mean at some point!) OSU has finished in the top 15 in the country in takeaways the last three years so I'm leaning towards the latter, but it has been a bit disconcerting thus far.

2. What is the general feeling around JW Walsh and Wes Lunt as they try to replace Brandon Weeden?

Lunt is the next Weeden and everybody knows it. Our fans love Walsh and he seems like a great dude and a solid athlete, but Lunt is the future. And hey, we might have the best backup in the country (#2 nationally in QB rating right now!)

3. Who are a couple of defensive players to look out for in this one?

OSU hasn't traditionally been known for its DTs but James Castleman and Calvin Barnett have been pretty salty up front. Couple that with Kansas' poor run game (the worst OSU has seen outside of Savannah State) and double digit rushing yards aren't out of the question.

4. Seriously, how steamed are you guys still about not getting a chance to play in the title game last year?

Haha, I think about that Iowa State game at least every other day. I'm 27 years old and we might only get one or two more shots at playing for a national title in my lifetime. So I guess I'm not all that bitter about not jumping one-loss Bama but more bummed that we had it all in our grasp, all we had to do was house a four-TD dog on a Friday night...alas.

5. lastly, give us a prediction for the game
I'll say Pokes big (but not as big as last year) 52-20. Kansas gives up 6.39 yards per play, OSU gains a nation-leading 7.89. That doesn't translate to much fun for the Jayhawk faithful on Saturday afternoon.