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Kansas vs. Oklahoma State: Previewing the Cowboy Offense

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Taking a look at the Oklahoma State offense ahead of this weekend's matchup in Lawrence against Kansas.

Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

RB 1 Joseph Randle (6-1; 200; Jr; Wichita, KS)

Joseph Randle is the best weapon that the Cowboys will put on the field. That doesn't mean he is used any more than Cowboy running backs in the past, but he does provide a nice fallback for Mike Gundy if the passing game isn't firing on all cylinders. The Cowboys have the 5th best rushing attack in college football and that is led by Randle who has really stepped into the role of a leader during his junior season.

QB 11 Wes Lunt (6-4; 211; Fr; Rochester, IL)

QB 4 J.W. Walsh (6-2; 205; RFr; Denton, TX)

A tale of two quarterbacks and both are good at what they do. Oklahoma State started the year with Wes Lunt but they have gone back and forth between Lunt and Walsh throughout the season. The passing offense is ranked 5th nationally so it really hasn't dropped off all that much from a year ago, but how much of that is due to the to blow out wins in the non conference? Both players are getting about the same amount of attempts on the season, but Walsh has led the more potent offensive attack to date.

LT 71 Parker Graham (6-7; 315; Jr; Webb City, MO)

LG 70 Jonathan Rush (6-4; 305; Sr; Killeen, TX)

C 60 Evan Epstein (6-3; 295; Sr; McKinney, TX)

RG 68 Lane Taylor (6-3; 328; Sr; Arlington, TX)

RT 58 Daniel Koenig (6-6; 310; So; Cape Coral, FL)

TE 14 Justin Horton (6-3; 254; Sr; Henderson, TX)

Safe to say that the two guards are the anchors of this unit but in general it's been plug and play as usual for the Oklahoma State offensive line so far this year. Kansas has a front seven that has shown improvement at times, but the variance and speed of the Cowboy offensive attack makes defending them difficult for even the most prepared and effective defenses. Texas is a great example. The Longhorns have a defense that slowed down both Oklahoma State and WVU. The bad news is that both those teams still put up big yardage.

IR 5 Josh Stewart (5-10; 178; So; Denton, TX)

IR 18 Blake Jackson (6-3; 235; Jr; Gilbert, AZ)

WR 87 Tracy Moore (6-2; 215; Sr; Tulsa, OK)

WR 82 Isaiah Anderson (5-10; 175; Sr; Wichita Falls, TX)

WR 17 Charlie Moore (6-2; 202; Jr; Bullard, TX)

Stewart is your leader, Jackson is the most explosive and Tracy Moore has really turned out a nice career with the Cowboys after nearly signing with the Jayhawks several years ago. Odds are he likes that decision more everyday. Anderson and Moore are your possession guys, this is a diverse group and at this point no one has really emerged as the next Dez Bryant or Justin Blackmon but Oklahoma State runs a system that can and will allow someone to rise to the top and become a national name at the wideout position. The Kansas secondary is going to have their hands full.

The Cowboy offense is in as much of a rebuilding mode as they have been in some time. That's a relative term obviously because this is a program and a system that has developed a plug and play system that allows the next man up to step in and carry on. Joseph Randle is probably the most identifiable 'star' on this side of the ball, but don't be surprised to see someone in the passing game develop a pretty strong reputation by years end. That could start on Saturday when the Cowboys face a Jayhawk defense that while improved, still has a long way to go.