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Introducing Our Basketball Season Preview

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The award winning* series is back for year two as we look at 30 stories to get you excited for the 2012-13 season

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Greetings, denizens of RCT! For regular readers, welcome back to basketball! A brief explanation of the season preview

For the next 30 days, RCT will be getting you excited for basketball season by taking a look back at last year (and even farther back), a look at the improvement of some key players the 2012-13 team will need to succeed, and a look at the college basketball landscape in general.

What I need from you, the readers, is this: tweets, emails, comments, whatever it may be about what you want to see written about. It could be how referee bias helps the home team in the Big 12, it could be how Bill Self maddeningly takes out a player after he has 2 first half fouls, it could be how there's no such thing as a true PG (sorry, that one's taken). Like last year I haven't planned any of the posts in advance so this should (hopefully) be as fun as last year's was to do.

Now, if you remember last year I had one post every day leading up to the season. Sadly thanks to being in my final year of law school and having a lot of stuff to do in October I probably won't be able to do a post every single day. But I will say there will be plenty of coverage from me here at RCT.