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Kansas Basketball Moves Up To No. 10 In Latest Poll

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The Jayhawks are moving up again in this weeks college basketball polls and this time they make a return to the top 10. After falling as low as #18 the Jayhawks used a solid home win against a ranked Kansas State team to nudge themselves to no. 10 in both polls this week. That win was likely boosted by the Wildcats huge win over previously unbeaten Missouri who now sits one spot ahead of Kansas at no. 9.

Syracuse remains at no. 1 with Kentucky, North Carolina, Baylor and Ohio State rounding out the top five. Looking through the current poll it really is a who's who of college basketball programs minus a few newer faces. Indiana, Duke, Michigan State, Georgetown are a few of the other teams hovering in that top 10-11 range that carry some pretty strong reputations. In fact two Big 12 teams, Baylor and Missouri, are the two programs sitting near the top that would probably be considered the new kids on the block if you had to point to anyone.

Elsewhere in the Big 12 Kansas State actually moved up a bit despite losing to Kansas and they now sit at no. 18. That marks the second time a team has lost to Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse and gained or maintained their position in the polls. Obviously K-State's win over Missouri was part of that, but it does suggest a nice little tip of the hat to the National respect given Allen Fieldhouse and playing Kansas basketball in the Phog.