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Kansas Basketball: A (Semi) Statistical Recap of Oklahoma

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It's only natural for a team to come out flat after a big home win against a rival, especially when that subsequent game is against a preseason pick to be a bottom feeder in one of the more stale environments in the Big 12. The lack of atmosphere seemed to help the Sooners as Kansas came out without a lot of jump, falling behind at halftime.

Kansas scored under a point per possession in the first half, but ended the game scoring 1.12 points per trip. Kansas really struggled from three (4-19) but thanks to some excellent two point shooting (64.1%) they managed to post an eFG just .1% under their season average to date. They turned it over 20.3% of their trips, under both their season average and that of Oklahoma. The offense seemed to stall a bit vs. the zone, which surprised me given how well they had run their zone offense earlier in the season. Assuming ESPN3 has the game archive up I plan on taking a closer look at this later in the week.

Defensively Kansas struggled a bit, allowing Oklahoma to score .95 points per trip. They did well in terms of shot defense, but in the first half they played far too passively on the perimeter and let the Sooners run their offense with much less resistance. This picked up a lot in the second half, and Kansas forced turnovers on 26.6% of Oklahoma's possessions.

Offensive rebounds are Oklahoma's bread and butter, and they did well in that department Saturday as well, grabbing 41.7% of their misses. It shouldn't be too surprising given that they grab 41.4% of their misses for the season, but after Kansas did a good job on the glass vs. Kansas State I was hoping that would continue a bit yesterday. Still it's tough to be too critical of the defense, especially given that they allowed Oklahoma to shoot just 39% from two.

  • For the second game in a row Travis Releford was the best player on the court for Kansas. He set his career high in points for the third consecutive game, this time with 28, and he did it on a 80.7% eFG. That's 6-8 from two, 3-5 from three and 7-8 from the line for those of you scoring at home.
  • Thomas Robinson was no slouch either, just missing out on a double double with 18 points and 9 rebounds. He also had a couple more coast to coast takes which cause me to feel equal parts fear and awe.
  • Tyshawn Taylor went off on twitter last night, but recovered to play a pretty good game. He struggled from three, going 0-5, but made 4 of his 5 twos and had 6 assists to only 2 turnovers. He also had three steals and generally played good defense. (he also was the only person who knew what to do in terms of zone offense when the Sooners busted it out, which was a bit discouraging).
  • Elijah Johnson was just 1-4 from three, but made all three of his twos. It's almost like he's better when he goes to the basket or something. He also added 5 assists next to three turnovers.
  • Finally, I'd just like to go on record that despite Kansas State destroying Missouri, I still think Kansas and Missouri are joint top of the Big 12, followed by Baylor and then Kansas State. I have warmed up a lot to putting Iowa State in the 5th spot, both because of their home court advantage and because Texas and Oklahoma don't do much for me. I'd still take those two in the 6 & 7 spots though, followed by Okie State, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.