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Kansas Football Rumors: Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez? Tight Ends Coach Jeff Blasko?

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A couple of new rumors appear to be circulating regarding the Kansas football coaching staff. The defensive coordinator search continues to be one of the more closely watched and scrutinized assistant spots for Kansas and at this point it might be approaching a greater level of anticipation than the Charlie Weis hire simply because it has been a fairly drawn out process.

There were the Al Groh rumors, the Mike Nolan rumors and Jim Leavitt hopefuls. All those names seem to have sort of moved to the wayside and a new one has popped on the radar and that is Oklahoma Assistant Coach/Secondary Coach Willie Martinez. The JayhawkSlant recently tweeted that there appears to be a lot of smoke surrounding this possibility at the moment.

Martinez made a name for himself at Georgia where he spent nine seasons, five of those years as the defensive coordinator. He was ultimately run out of Georgia and that might be a ding as people begin to break down his resume. But at this point it's still all rumor so no sense in getting too worked up about a defensive coordinator that hasn't actually been named yet.

On the offensive front, Matt Tait is reporting Jeff Blasko as a name to watch as a possible Tight End's coach. Currently the Kansas offensive staff is comprised of Weis as the assumed Offensive Coordinator, Ron Powlus(QB's), Reggie Mitchell(RB's), Tim Grunhard(OL) and Rob Ianello(WR)