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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.6.12

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Kansas Basketball

NCAA College Basketball Player of the Year -
I'd love to see Thomas Robinson continue to play at a "Player of the Year" level.

Dick Vitale picks his top midseason awards candidates - ESPN
More player of the year talk picking up steam for Thomas Robinson.

Recap: It's been a long time since KSU's defensive rebounding was this bad | The Newell Post |
Love the not so subtle jab at KSU for the crappy rebounding effort.

Releford happy to set defensive tone for KU |
More after Releford's big night.

Mario Chalmers unleashes monster performance in 3OT victory | 'Hawks in the NBA |
Damn...a couple weeks ago I saw some article about some newbie taking Mario's minutes. Looks like he decided he wanted them back.

Kansas Football

Defensive Tackle/Future Jayhawk, Tyler Holmes
Defensive tackle from down in Texas committed last night. That makes three in the class, two from the JUCO level. Seems like we're addressing a need, now we just need to develop the talent.

Recruits reflect faith in Weis |
I love the honeymoon phase, I just hope we can convert it to W's.

College Football

Some AP Voters Laying Groundwork for Split National Title - Team Speed Kills
I agree with this. LSU won the regular season SEC, beat Bama, beat Oregon and anyone else they played. That's impressive and I hate to see one game diminish that especially since it is against a team they already beat.

Big 12 Football

Oklahoma Sooners QB Landry Jones to return for senior season - ESPN
Draft stock plummeted starting right about the time that he played Kansas. Good move for Jones, it will be interesting to see how much Stoops continues to use Jones and how much he uses Blake Bell.

College Football

Bill O'Brien agrees to be Penn State Nittany Lions coach, sources say - ESPN we go.

SEC's Mike Slive expects 'meaningful discussion' about making BCS plus-1 - ESPN
For as much as people dog the SEC for being favored by the BCS, ESPN etc. They sure do seem to be at the forefront of pressing for a playoff or +1 system.