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RCT Hall of Fame Nomination Time


Time to revisit this one more time before we vote next week. I tell you my first new nomination...THE DUNK.

I'll admit that I've been neglecting the RCT Hall of Fame and a few other sidebar areas of the site of late. But alas we are back on the train of blog interaction success!. Recruit trackers is updated, twitter pic feed is live (email me your favorite KU sports pic and I'll tweet it out). Fetch is helping me rock twitter as an overall tool for RCT (up to nearly 900 followers), facebook likes are approaching 600, and of course we've got a new logo to boot....we're on a ROLL!

So with that let's give some much needed attention to our RCT Hall of Fame and kick off Nominations for the 2011 class. Yes it's the 2011 class because we are inducting those that show exemplary service and or a Jayhawk Sports/RCT passion that is second to none. Or they could just be some off the wall random like SherronCollinsisthebestandIlovehim.

During the last go around we had the intention of inducting Members, Posts, Pics and Threads. We only got around to Members so if you have any past nominations that date back further for the other three categories, please nominate them below in the comment section. But for Members let's think about the last year, 2011 and who deserves to join RockChalk, KennyGregoryRocktheCradle, Denverjhawk, Warden, Bensa and KUGrad08...are ANY of these guys still around by the way?

Put all your nominations in the comment section, we'll sort through the weeds and vote/select our inductee class of 2011 in the near future. Have at it!