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Kansas Basketball Falls To No. 8 In Both Polls

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A loss on the road to Iowa State means that the Jayhawks are taking a step back this week and it probably brings Kansas more in line with where they belong. The Jayhawks dropped from no. 5 to no. 8 in both the coaches poll and the AP poll that were released today.

Realistically Kansas is probably an 8-12 type team although this year is certainly a strange one in that there aren't many great teams out there. With an upcoming stretch of games featuring trips to Missour, Baylor and Kansas State, Kansas will have a chance to find out a good deal about how tough they really are.

Elsewhere in the league both Missouri and Baylor are ranked ahead of the Jayhawks despite the fact that Kansas currently hold the lead in the Big 12 race. Missouri dropped to no. 4 after a bad loss to Oklahoma State and Baylor moved up to no. 6 with teams in front of them losing ground.

This week the Jayhawks have an opportunity in front of them when they take on no. 4 Missouri in Columbia. It marks one of the few times that the Tigers will hold a higher ranking than Kansas and with it being the last trip by the Jayhawks to Columbia, it's certain to be a crazy environment.