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Kansas Football Retains Defensive Line Coach Buddy Wyatt

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And now for the BIGGEST news of the day that barely qualifies as news. Kansas football head coach Charlie Weis announced today that Buddy Wyatt will be retained as the defensive line coach on the Kansas coaching staff. Wyatt, who served the previous two years on the Jayhawk staff under Turner Gill, joins running backs coach Reggie Mitchell as one of two former staff members retained by Weis.

Again, no big surprise here just 'official news' now. This was expected given recent indications on the recruiting front. It does sound as if Wyatt will no longer hold a co-defensive coordinator role which seems expected given the fact that Weis is expected to bring in his own defensive coordinator at some point. It would be a little hard to see a situation where Weis would hire a new defensive coordinator and force them to hold a 'co' title with Wyatt. At the very least that would limit your options.

In addition to Wyatt and Mitchell, Weis has announced Rob Ianello (Recruiting Coordinator/Wide Receivers), Tim Grunhard (Offensive Line) and Ron Powlus (Quarterbacks) as members of his Kansas coaching staff.