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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.3.12

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Kansas Basketball

Syracuse Orange remain No. 1, but rest of coaches' poll shaken up - ESPN
Baylor at #5, Missouri at #6, K-State ranked just in time for the game this week in Lawrence. It's going to be a bit of a battle in the Big 12 this year.

A primer for the Big 12 season -- college basketball - ESPN
Jason King calls it for Kansas because of Self and the home court advantage at Allen Fieldhouse. It's definitely the safe bet when you're looking at a league in the condition that the Big 12 is in, but it might not be the right one when it's all said and done. Missouri and Baylor are certainly going to be making a push.

’Cats will put KU to test |
Agreed, this is going to be a big conference opener.

Johnson says KU most vulnerable this year |
“If I was at another school in the Big 12,” he said, “I would be thinking, ‘I can’t wait to play Kansas this year because they’re most vulnerable as far as the team goes, as far as the talent level goes.’ ”

Kansas Football

More talk about the ongoing search for KU's next defensive coordinator | Tale of the Tait |
Take checks in with the coaching staff search and some indication that Darrian Miller WILL be a Jayhawk next year in what seems to be an ongoing thing.

What a year: Sheahon Zenger had eventful first 365 days |
Hard to believe it's been a year.


Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns - Box Score - January 02, 2012 - ESPN
16 and 9 for Markieff. 13 for Brandon Rush.

A tale of two twins: Season-best for Markieff Morris; Marcus to the D-League | 'Hawks in the NBA |
Didn't realize Marcus was dropping down for the moment. He's had some nice early performances.

DeMarcus Cousins sent home after demanding trade - Sam Amick -
This guy is an absolute disaster. Proof that Calipari may send you to the pro's, but he seems to do little to prepare you for the pro's? Kansas players might not always be the most successful, but more often than not they are fairly respectable and dignified while pursuing their opportunity.