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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.27.12

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Chat with Matt Tait |
Tait's done these the last couple weeks.

Upcoming Opponent Talk

NCB - Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg has the Cyclones rolling thanks to transfers - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
In ESPN The Magazine, Ryan McGee writes that Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg is showing his coaching counterparts there's more than one way to recruit.

Iowa State's Royce White and the battle within -- college basketball - ESPN
In terms of opponents, the big men in the Big 12 are nothing compared to the gripping anxiety disorder that so often made Royce White a shell of himself. But now he's getting help -- and he wants others to as well.

Royce White morphs into Cyclones' leader - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
All things considered, this was a rough start to the week for Iowa State forward Royce White.

College Football

Top recruits like Yuri Wright need to be careful on Twitter - Andy Staples -
A look at social media and athletes. Specifically recruits. You certainly don't hear many positives surrounding this.