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Assessing Tyshawn Taylor's All-American Candidacy

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If time travel was a thing, people reading Rock Chalk Talk a year ago would be shocked to see the title of this post. But despite his reputation as a careless, problematic player, there is no doubt that Tyshawn Taylor has been one of the best players on the team, in the conference, and perhaps even the country.

Because neither we as KU fans nor voters can be biased, for entirely different reasons, I instead present a blind item. Here are the lines of some players generally thought to be the best point guards in the country, along with Tyshawn Taylor.

A couple notes: this mostly leaves defense out. I debated using defensive win shares from BB Ref but I'm not really a fan of trying to boil down defensive contributions to one number. (I think Aaron Craft is the best defensive PG in the country and Kendal Marshall the worst among the elite offensive ones. I would put Tyshawn close to the top, so take that for what it's worth.) Lastly, I would personally look at the numbers that are components of ORtg and PER, but that is mostly your discretion.

Player Min% Usage rate PER ORtg eFG Assist% TO% assist - TO%
A 78 15.9 14.8 106 47.9 42.5 30.8 11.7
B 73.8 17.7 18.3 108.4 50 27.2 22.7 4.5
C 57 22.8 22.1 111.4 56.9 37.5 22.7 14.8
D 80.1 28.5 20.1 105.1 54.4 30.7 23.8 6.9
E 76.8 22 19.9 110.9 44.8 31.7 19.2 12.5
F 68.2 26 24 113.6 61.9 40.2 29.7 10.5
G 88.2 25.2 21.3 112.4 46 27.6 11.4 16.2
H 86.1 23.6 22.7 118.3 53.4 45.8 23 22.8
I 83.6 31 27.3 115.4 47.4 35.3 11.3 24

First off, let's cut anyone with an eFG under 50. That means good bye to A, E, G and I. Next, bye bye to C. Someone who plays in only 57% of his team's minutes either fouls too much for my liking or isn't probably as good as we think he is. It is sort of punishing a team for having depth, but I think the best PG in the country would be one who is relied upon a lot more, no?

With those caveats in place, I think F, H and D are probably your best bets, in that order. Agree?

Let's see the answer key

A: Kendall Marshall, UNC

B. Aaron Craft, Ohio State

C: Scoop Jardine, Syracuse

D: Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas

E: Phil Pressey, Missouri

F: Pierre Jackson, Baylor

G: Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin

H: Scott Machado, Iona

I: Nate Wolters, South Dakota State

Right now it looks like Jackson is the runaway first teamer to me. He's carried a pretty big load of the offense, and oddly enough has gotten a lot better in terms of assist to turnovers lately, which corresponds to Baylor's dip in performance as a whole. But it's not his fault, as he's shooting almost 50% from three in addition to his ability to get the ball to his teammates.

But if I may stump for Tyshawn quick: Tyshawn has basically Thomas Robinson to pass to in terms of assists, where as Pierre has four or five shooters who are more efficient than anything Kansas has to offer, whether it be Quincy Acy or Perry Jones inside or Brady Heslip shooting threes. Does Tyshawn's edge in playing time and larger role in the offense, plus the worse talent around him, outrank Jackson's more efficient play? Maybe, maybe not. But I think it is pretty easy to argue that he's at worst the 2nd team PG on the All Big 12 team and a serious candidate for All-American honors.

You know, if voters don't go on twitter that much.