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Kansas Moves Into the Top Five In Both Major Polls

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A week after handing Baylor their first loss, the Kansas Jayhawks continue their climb up the polls and now sit at no. 5 in both the AP and Coaches poll released for the week of January 23rd. It's almost hard to believe that Kansas has worked their way into this position in what is supposed to be a 'down year'. But Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson look like a guard/forward combination that could do some damage come March.

Overall it was a bit of a chaotic week around the country and with that we are looking at a new no. 1 in college basketball as Kentucky moves back into the top spot. Rival Missouri moves into the no. 2 spot after their big win in Waco. At this point the Kansas v Missouri matchup in Columbia on February 4th is setting up to be a MONSTER if both teams can continue their winning ways.

Syracuse, last weeks no. 1, drops to the third position after losing to Notre Dame. Ohio State, a team Kansas has beaten head to head, sits just in front of the Jayhawks at no. 4. Moving on down the list we find Baylor sitting just behind the Jayhawks at number 6 after having lost back to back games against the two Big 12 opponents in front of them. If you look at it right now the Big 12 looks like a juggernaut of sorts and it's hard to believe that the winner of the league between Baylor, Missouri and Kansas won't be in the conversation for a potential no. 1 seed come tourney time.