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Kansas Jayhawks at Texas Longhorns Open Game Thread

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Where: Frank Erwin Center, Austin Texas

Welcome to Rock Chalk Talk and your open game thread for the Kansas Jayhawks vs the Texas Longhorns. There is something that feels very college basketball season like about playing on CBS. These are always fun games. As for the teams, Kansas is coming off of a HUGE emotional win on Monday night. Texas is coming off a narrow road loss in Manhattan. Bill Self's challenge is to keep his team motivated for this one. That's not an easy task but at least the name on the front of the jersey is something he should be able to sell.

Kansas v Texas has had some great moments. This year doesn't exactly set up to be one of those years that intensifies the rivalry, but let's hope the team doesn't allow the Longhorns relatively slow start fool them into thinking this isn't a difficult and very important game.

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Rock Chalk and Beak em Hawks!