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Kansas Football Recruiting: Key Junior College Targets On Campus This Weekend

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Does Charlie know something that you don't?
Does Charlie know something that you don't?

When you're trying to get better in a hurry one route to go is the junior college recruiting scene. Charlie Weis already has two defensive tackles, a running back, a receiver and a tight end from the JUCO ranks committed to the Jayhawks. This weekend they'll look to add three more that could make an immediate impact in areas of need.

JayhawkSlant has a great report covering all three prospects, but in short Kansas has another defensive tackle, a defensive end and an offensive tackle all on campus. What makes this more impressive is that all three have earned JUCO All American status.

Jordan Tavai is a 6'3" 280 pound defensive tackle out of the California system. He currently claims offers from Texas Tech, Washington State and Kansas.

Markus Pierce-Brewster is a 6'4" 230 pound weakside defensive end that is viewed as a prospect that brings speed off the edge. Brewster holds offers from Indiana, Syracuse and Ole Miss.

Last but not least the Jayhawks have another big offensive tackle in town. Fehoko Fanaika checks in at 6'6" 340 pounds and also comes out of California. His offer list includes Utah, Hawaii, Fresno State and Cal.

Three players, three positions of need. Also of note, all three of these were targeted and visited by Rob Ianello this week. Throw in Kenneth Crawley and teammate De'Jon Wilson who's recruitment is being headed up by Reggie Mitchell and the Jayhawks will have some very important recruits in town this weekend.

It's been awhile since I can remember Kansas going after this much junior college talent, but Kansas State does it and they do it well so I'm not against it in the least. It's certainly one way to get better and get better in a hurry. We've already seen Weis address the offensive side of the ball. This group along with a handful of other visitors could help boost the defense and add depth to the offensive line.