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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.20.12

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Kansas Basketball

Altered anthem bothers Bill Self |
YES!!!!! First the WOOOO!! Now the 'Home of the Chiefs!!! Did Bensa already sing this year, I think so but I can't remember. If he did, the goal is to get rid of this by the time he sings again...'Bensa The Anthem Part IV: Chiefs No More"

KU takes control, for now, of Big 12 race |
Man this never gets old.

Defensive bursts have been key for Self’s Jayhawks -
It's Bill Self basketball at it's best.

Travis Releford excels at ‘little things’ |
Stepping into his own this year.

The Hype Machine on Kansas Jayhawks, Iona Gaels point guard Scott Machado - college basketball - ESPN
The Hype Machine takes the pulse of all that is trending up and down in the world of college basketball.

Pitino Says Allen Fieldhouse Is Most ‘Overpowering’ |
Keep banging this drum.

Attorney enters plea of not guilty for KU basketball player accused of possessing alcohol |
Things, things, things.

Kansas Football

MHR Selects - Broncos 2011 Overachiever Of the Year - Mile High Report
Seriously...Denver really likes Chris Harris and I'm really hoping he can find a home here.

Conference Recruitment Expense Series: Big 12 "
Interesting that we are #1. Thoughts on why? Is it effort, expenses what is it? And is it good or bad?

Former KU quarterback Brock Berglund issues statement saying KU won't grant release | Tale of the Tait |
The press release. Matt Tait fortunately did some editing and made this readable since the original was ONE GIGANTIC PARAGRAPH.