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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.2.12

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Kansas Basketball

Markieff Morris heats up, scores 15 in OKC | 'Hawks in the NBA |
These twins are going to be worth a watch in the NBA I do believe. Both have had some real nice games early in the season.

College Football

Heisman winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor Bears to enter NFL draft, sources say - ESPN
Some pretty big news in terms of the Big 12 football landscape next year.


2012 NFL Draft Order: Colts Pick First, Non-Playoff Teams Mostly Set -
The Colts successfully sucked enough for Luck. Now do they take him? Would you take him or would you trade the pick if it's valued as highly as some are saying?

ANIMATED: Larry Fitzgerald Is Not From This Planet - From Our Editors -
Yeah so this happened yesterday. Worth a look if you missed it.

Josh McDaniels Becomes Available With Steve Spagnuolo Firing From St. Louis Rams - SB Nation Kansas City
Chiefs you want Romeo? McDaniels? Someone else? Where should the Chiefs go next.