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Was There More To The Turner Gill Firing Than On Field Performance?

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A non competitive 2-10 record and a winless conference record would have provided more than enough reason for most fans to part ways with Turner Gill. But in the aftermath of Gill's departure it's becoming clear that accountability seems to have been a major issue within the Kansas Jayhawk program during GIll's brief two year tenure and it makes you wonder if that gave Sheahon Zenger all the more reason to make the call just two years into a five year guarantee.

First and foremost there was the well known issue within the strength and conditioning program. It was talked about after year one and it was supposed to be addressed heading into year two. From the sound of things that never happened. Almost immediately after the first workout with the new staff players took to social media and appeared to express a noticeable change at the way things appear to be moving going forward. What makes those comments all the more encouraging is that the there is an optimism about that direction and in some, like Daymond Patterson, you can sense that he is hungry for the challenge.

Beyond that there were concerns in the classroom, concerns with off the field behavior and even concerns in terms of eligibility issues that seemed to have led to the dismissal of some players from the team heading into the Spring semester. I do think it's important to distinguish one point and that is that Jordan Webb, Tyrone Sellers, Tom Mabry and Travis Bodenstein CHOSE to move on. That's completely different and they have every right to make that decision when a major change takes place. It seems that in some instances they have bundled in with the six dismissals and that isn't really fair to them.

As for those dismissed, some have taken to social media, some have granted interviews and everyone wants to paint themselves as a victim or the person in the right. Judging anyone on rumor or speculation is a bit pointless so I guess you have to take it for what it's worth and assume the best. In all reality I think many would have liked to see a few of those players on the roster and doing well for themselves and Kansas.

At the same time there are 60+ individuals who didn't seem to have a problem with Kansas or Charlie Weis and I think that's a good thing. Then you have a player like Dayne Crist, who was very well respected at Notre Dame, pointing to Weis's honesty as a huge reason he is now at Kansas.

"The biggest thing that I talked about is honesty. He is not about sending any false vibes or messages. Whatever he says is the truth. That's something that all of the players that played for him at Notre Dame will tell you about him. All of the players that played for him in the NFL and will get to play for him here will all know that whatever he's telling you is the absolute truth. He's intense and he's a competitor.

There are always two sides to every story, and at the end of the day there is bound to be turnover and probably a few bruised ego's when a new staff enters the picture. That turnover will be long forgotten very soon, everyone will move on and hopefully all will find a situation where they can be successful.

The point is that for as good as Gill appears to be as a person, it might be his blind belief in others that sank the ship. Gill wanted players to hold themselves accountable and it just doesn't sound like that was happening across the board. For all the talk of his odd ball rules related to female friends, cussing etc, they were rarely enforced and primarily because they were circumvented with ease. Throw in a lack of consequences and it just wasn't a recipe for success at the University of Kansas

Kansas hasn't and won't land the overwhelming talent that the Alabama's and Oklahoma's of the world will. But if you have someone who runs a tight ship and challenges the players in a disciplined and organized manner you can maximize your talent. I do believe that Gill challenged people in his way, I do believe Gill can benefit a football program on some level. Gill just did not run a program or challenge his players in a way that was going to work for Kansas football.